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Transforming Conflict from Within

Wisdom is just now being recognized as an integral part of successfully dealing with conflict. In this cutting-edge workshop, we introduce the power of wisdom to transform even the toughest, longest-running conflicts.

This workshop helps participants skillfully turn deep-seated, ongoing conflicts into opportunities for growth and renewal.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Explore the basic dynamics that all difficult conflicts have in common
  • Learn to use the four realms of conflict transformation to sustainably impact the most difficult situations;
  • Apply wisdom practices, including mindfulness, to affect change in a long-running conflict situation that is important to you; and
  • Discover a newfound sense of freedom and ease even in the midst of the most difficult conflicts.

How Participants Learn:

We use a combination of interactive presentations, experiential exercises, mindfulness, role-plays and case studies, and small- and large-group discussions to help you discover the power within to transform even the toughest conflicts.

This workshop places as much emphasis on learning a new methodology for transforming conflicts (“The CIVIC framework”) as it does on applying the concepts to conflict situations the participants are involved in and feel passionately about. The workshop culminates in a fast-paced, in-depth experience where each participant applies the workshop concepts to a challenging conflict situation s/he has chosen. Participants leave the workshop empowered to successfully and creatively address situations that may have bedeviled them their whole lives.

Who Should Attend:

  • Corporate, governmental, and non-profit:
    • C-suite executives
    • Executive Directors
    • Heads of Talent Management / Human Resources
    • Senior Managers and Managers
  • Mental Health practitioners
  • Mediators
  • Graduate students from across Columbia University and its affiliates, including Columbia Law School, Columbia Business School, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Union Theological Seminary, and Jewish Theological Seminary

Sample Agenda:
Download the sample course Syllabus Transforming Conflict From Within

Logistics & Registration:
This 3-day workshop takes place yearly at the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, Teachers College, Columbia University. It begins on a Friday at 4 pm- 8 pm, and runs Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm both days.

Click here to register:

This workshop can also be customized for your organization.  Please contact Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler at for more information.

“I extend my gratitude for your insightful and inspiring workshop: Transforming Conflict from Within. It encouraged deep reflection among participants, which we rarely have the time or the inclination to do at the United Nations. It had such resonance due to the extraordinary examples you used to illustrate the importance of complexity and courage. Your work is so clear and appealing. We look forward to benefiting from your ongoing work in this emerging field.”

– High-ranking Conflict Transformation Official, United Nations

“Thank you again for your terrific workshop. You did a fabulous job in sharing insights on how to transform conflict to a room full of very attentive attendees. Everyone was so appreciative of the opportunity to hear about and participate in your stimulating and meaningful work.”

Maria R. Volpe, Ph.D., Director, Dispute Resolution Program, John Jay College of Criminal Justice – CUNY

“Thank you again for such an enriching weekend.  I really enjoyed the course, your approach, and you personally. You offered wisdom tools in such a practical and personally transformative way, and your approach is a real contribution. I will recommend you at every opportunity both as a professor and organizational consultant.  I am so grateful for the work you do.”

– Susan Reardon, Owner, Sixth Sense Journeys

“Jennifer is wonderful, warm, intelligent, delightful. She is a marvelous facilitator and teacher.”

– Ph.D. student, Teachers College, Columbia University

“A heartfelt thank you for providing me with a new set of glasses with which to view the world. A powerful and life changing gift!” 

– M.A. student, School of International Public Affairs, Columbia University