Workshops: Transform Your Talent

Our consultants teach, facilitate dialogue and expand creativity at the world’s most innovative educational labs at Columbia University, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Business School. Leveraging sophisticated methodologies, we create life-changing experiences that enable your people to innovate and grow over time. Our programs typically occur in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Assess
We conduct interviews and a questionnaire to understand participants’ skills, goals and perspectives.

Phase 2: Design
Based on the assessment, we customize program goals, desired outcomes, and agendas.

Phase 3: Lead
Using a highly engaging teaching and coaching style, we lead programs through a combination of:

  • Interactive presentations;
  • Stimulating role plays and case studies;
  • Large and small group discussions;
  • Individual reflection;
  • Multi-media formats; and
  • Applied work stream planning.

Phase 4: Implement
We follow up with participants post-program to review concepts, trouble-shoot challenges, and reinforce accountability. We also help you build new concepts and tools into your existing organizational infrastructure. We are focused on short-term success and long-term impact.

Our Program Offerings:

Negotiation Skills

Based on the best-selling book Getting To Yes and the landmark work pioneered at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, our negotiation workshops enable people to improve not only how they think about negotiation (a change in mindset), but also how they approach negotiation (a change in skill-set), causing significantly improved results immediately and over time.

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Transforming Conflict from Within

Wisdom is just now being recognized as an integral part of successfully dealing with conflict. In this cutting-edge workshop, we introduce the power of wisdom to transform even the toughest, longest-running conflicts.

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