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Optimal Outcomes: Free Yourself from Conflict

This keynote brings to life the concepts in Jennifer’s forthcoming book, Optimal Outcomes: Free Yourself from Conflict– At Work, At Home, In LifeĀ (to be published by Harper Business in Spring 2020).

It introduces a set of deeply illuminating and empowering practices that enable audiences to move beyond typical approaches to conflict and discover the power within to free themselves from the toughest situations and conflicts–even without cooperation from the other side.

Audiences learn how to:

  • Identify what has really been undermining their ability to solve the problem;
  • Harness difficult emotions;
  • Imagine and test sustainable optimal outcomes; and
  • Take the pattern-breaking actions required to bring lasting transformation.

By applying the Optimal Outcomes Method to business-critical situations, audiences leave empowered to address important, challenging dilemmas with newfound freedom and ease.

This keynote equips audiences with the mindsets, practices and tools to transform the relationships, teams, organizations and world around them–and to help others do the same.


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Quotes and Kudos

“Jennifer captivated our audience of Googlers in person and around the globe on our live stream site. Her high-energy presentation was bursting with extremely clear and practical advice on how to master even the most difficult conflicts. I recommend her to anyone planning an event anywhere.”
– Rachael O’Meara, Senior Account Manager at Google and author of Pause: Harnessing the LifeChanging Power of Giving Yourself a Break

“I loved Jennifer’s presentation. She has a knack for explaining complex ideas in digestible ways and demanding action. My team and I are continually benefitting from her wisdom.”
– Dieter Wachters, Vice President of Engineering at Collibra

“Jennifer gave an insightful and inspiring presentation. It encouraged deep reflection among participants, which we rarely have the time or the inclination to do at the United Nations. Jennifer’s work is so clear and appealing. We look forward to benefiting from her ongoing work in this emerging field.”
– Executive Secretary, Conflict Prevention at the United Nations

“Jennifer provided fabulous insights on how to transform conflict to a room full of very attentive attendees. Everyone was so appreciative of the opportunity to learn about and participate in her stimulating and meaningful work.”
– Dr. Maria R. Volpe, Professor of Sociology and Executive Director of the City University of New York (CUNY) Dispute Resolution Center

“Jennifer and her course have consistently received the highest ratings across the board. She is highly engaging and her work is transformative. She is a gem at Columbia, not to be missed.”
– Dr. Peter T. Coleman, Professor of Psychology and Education, Executive Director of the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia University

A decade of master’s and doctoral candidates from across Columbia’s graduate schools of business, law, education, psychology, and international public affairs say:

“Jennifer is wonderful, warm, intelligent, delightful. She is a marvelous facilitator and presenter.”

“A heartfelt thank you for providing me with a new set of glasses with which to view the world. A powerful and life changing gift!”

“Jennifer’s presentation was applicable to conflict situations ranging from personal to international. I believe this material deserves lifelong reflection.”

“It is obvious to me that Jennifer lives what she teaches. She is a fabulous presenter who lives and teaches by example. She was amazing and authentic. Her passion shines through every sentence. She is the real deal!”

“Jennifer is amazing! She is one of the best instructors I’ve had at Columbia. It is evident that she truly cares about the topic and students.”

“I absolutely loved the workshop and Jennifer herself-what an amazing experience! I gained great personal insight as well as strategies to effectively deal with everyday conflict. I will definitely recommend it to others.”

“It didn’t feel like a course. It was an experience. I really appreciated every moment.”

“There were some administrative kinks at the start, but Jennifer managed them with ease, grace, and honesty. Jennifer served as a model of authenticity and demonstrated in real time the benefits of the mindfulness practices she teaches.”

“Jennifer has this master ability to create an environment that feels safe and secure, allowing strangers to be completely honest with one another. I am now prepared to take the risks needed to address conflicts that I encounter in my own life.”

“Jennifer is outstanding, accomplished and articulate. She is also profoundly humble and reflective. Jennifer helps every participant feel invited to speak up and be heard. This ensures a high level of participation, integration and diverse perspectives in the room.”

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken! I am much more confident and excited for how I will approach my future. I know I can successfully handle any future conflict that comes my way.”

“I have never experienced such a well-executed interactive, multi-dimensional style of presenting. I loved every minute of it.”