Meaningful, measurable results at the individual, team and enterprise level

Leveraging a structured, proven yet customized process built on years of academic research in conflict and organizational behavior, we align individuals and groups to enable them to effectively collaborate and innovate.

Public Speaking

Motivate and inspire your audiences around the globe to optimize organizational health and vitality. We provide your people with cutting-edge, practical tools to innovate and lead beyond the 21stcentury.

Coaching: Develop Your Leaders

Some of your people have great potential, but developing that potential takes finesse, organizational know-how, and time that you may not have. Other people are already stars, but something is getting in the way of their continued success. We coach both types of leaders to equip them for 100% success.

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Facilitation: Align Your Teams

You have more work to do than time to do it. The last thing you need is difficult team dynamics slowing you down. We get people interacting productively so that you can focus your attention where it belongs—on the task at hand.

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Organizational Change: Align Your Organization

Are you in a hyper-competitive market?  Do you have a faulty strategy?  People suffering from low morale?  Outdated systems and processes?  We assess the state of your organization and help you improve and align it so you are running smoothly today and innovating intelligently for tomorrow.

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Workshops: Transform Your Talent

Our talent transformation programs, customized based on your needs, are designed to significantly shift the way people think about themselves and their work, and the way they act so they can drive real, tangible results—inside your organization, with your clients and customers, and in the world at large.

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Wisdom Leaders Institute

The Wisdom Leaders Institute (WLI) is an opportunity for high potential and seasoned organizational leaders to work with other leaders from the corporate, governmental, non-profit and academic worlds to help solve the world’s toughest problems while building leadership capacity and critical relationships.

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