ASG Defined

Alignment Strategies Group is a consulting firm that creates in depth, highly customized, bespoke journeys for senior leaders grappling with the most complex strategic leadership challenges that exist in organizational life.

If your team’s challenges are highly complex, ASG brings theory, experience, and tools developed over more than two decades to help you transform how you live and work.

We roll up our sleeves and dive into the trenches alongside you and your teams to tackle even the most difficult strategic, leadership, and relationship challenges that organizational life throws your way.

This approach is guided by three core ideas:

1. We don’t have clients; we have collaborative partners.

Given the often personal and intense nature of our work together, we pride ourselves on treating our clients as we would a colleague or friend. By meeting you with empathy and attentiveness, we ask thoughtful and important questions, give honest advice, and respond in the moments it matters to convey our support. We use collaborative, constructive, open communication, and we ask the same of you.

2. Old-fashioned values and forward-thinking solutions are a good pair.

We engage in innovative, cutting-edge ways, yet our care, commitment, and work ethic are “old school.” To ensure success, we are high-touch and high quality. We invest the time and effort needed to achieve meaningful results. As the long-distance runner and writer Haruki Murakami wrote about his training, “This takes time, of course, but sometimes taking time is actually a shortcut.” We agree. By dedicating proper care and attention to the work, we ensure that it is done right the first time, and takes less time in the long run.

3. Prevention is the best medicine.

The father of conflict resolution and our mentor Dr. Morton Deutsch instilled this in us. We help you identify and address trouble spots before they become big problems. This may mean that you need to invest regular doses of time, energy, and resources to prevent things from turning into crises down the line. We help you determine which investments are worth making now, and which can wait.

Our Values


We guide you on an adventurous journey that creates clarity, productivity, freedom, and connection.

Organizational Health:

We help you optimize your organization’s vitality by aligning and invigorating the relationships and systems that comprise it.


We enable you to connect in authentic, heart-centered ways with yourself, your work, and with the people you care about most: colleagues, clients, customers, partners, and even family.

Inspired Leadership:

We help you envision and become the best version of yourself in order to lead your team and your organization: from creating and communicating an inspiring vision, to being an effective manager.

Restored Wholeness:

We view our work not as fixing something that is broken, but rather as restoring wholeness. Our goal is to bring systems back into their natural state of health and vitality at every level–individual, team, organization, community, and world.

“The quality of the collaboration determines the result. ” – Marianne Williamson