“Our entire company has benefitted tremendously from Jennifer’s expertise. She has provided us with the frank insight and leadership know-how to significantly develop our organizational culture. The successful selling of our company to the most prestigious brand in our industry is partially attributable to Jennifer’s advisory.”
– Allan Weiser, CEO at DatesWeiser / Knoll Specialty

Jennifer had a profound influence on the way I view myself as a leader – and what leadership really means and entails. During our work together, I was awarded EDC’s Leadership Award; I am certain this was due in no small part to the work I completed with her.”
– Jeffrey Nelson, EVP at the New York City Economic Development Corporation

“Jennifer and her course have consistently received the highest ratings across the board. She is highly engaging and her work is transformative. She is a gem at Columbia, not to be missed.”
– Dr. Peter T. Coleman, Professor of Psychology and Education, Executive Director of the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia University