Dana Asher brings real intelligence–intellectual and emotional and psychological–to her work. She has a breadth of experience that she can draw on, but always begins with the most pressing concerns of her client.”

– Stephanie Browner, Dean of Eugene Lang College of Arts and Sciences, The New School 

Jo Ilfeld was an attentive listener who gave constructive feedback without being judgmental, a combination that had been hard for me to find. Overall I feel more confident and fulfilled and I’m using the techniques I’ve learned with Jo to identify and develop new areas of expertise with my team.”

– Grace Credo, Senior Research Scientist, Intel Labs

“Pervis Taylor transformed my perspective on goal setting. He equipped me with tools to ask deeper, more reflective questions of myself that I could use with my mentees. He introduced the tool of goal mapping and made a case for it as a more comprehensive tool to use when trying to encourage young people to set goals.”

– Myxolydia Tyler, Actress and Lead Artist Coach, Mentor-Linc, Lincoln Center

“Our entire company has benefitted tremendously from Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler’s expertise. She has provided us with the frank insight and leadership know-how to significantly develop our organizational culture. The successful selling of our company to the most prestigious brand in our industry is partially attributable to Jennifer’s advisory.”

– Allan Weiser, CEO, DatesWeiser / Knoll Specialty

“Annie-Lou St-Amant helped me think critically about and articulate what kind of leader I want to be, while simultaneously giving me the tools and insights needed to become that leader. She helped me explore my strengths, tackle my challenges, and develop pathways to achieving my goals. The whole experience of working with her was incredibly helpful and meaningful to me; I find myself constantly thinking about and referencing our coaching sessions in my daily professional (and personal) life. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work closely with Annie-Lou, and can’t imagine finding success in this role without her!”

– Gabriella Sperduto, Institutional Giving Manager, The Door and University Settlement 

Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler had a profound influence on the way I view myself as a leader – and what leadership really means and entails. During our work together, I was awarded EDC’s Leadership Award; I am certain this was due in no small part to the work I completed with her.”

– Jeffrey Nelson, Executive Vice President, New York City Economic Development Corporation

“As a result of working with Jo Ilfeld, my confidence vastly increased and I developed advanced new skills in creating sustainable solutions for myself. I’ve worked with other coaches who were more like facilitators; but what I loved about Jo was her skill, knowledge, and experience in workplace challenges. She taught me how to thrive here.”

– Ruchi Goyal, Director of Product Management, eBay, Inc.

“Dana Asher’s approach to coaching provided for thought-provoking introspection and conversation– where thoughts and challenges were expected, but more importantly, additional questions (never previously considered) were provoked. I was encouraged to disrupt the status quo, and both the organization and I are better for it.” 

– Donald A. Resnick, Chief Enrollment & Success Officer, The New School

Jo Ilfeld’s gifts include discernment, connection, and understanding along with her ability to inspire the best version of me…Jo provided accountability and course correction in a way that felt inspiring and made it safe to receive honest feedback. She also helped me connect intellectually and spiritually to my work so it felt meaningful again.”

– Karla Ortiz, Vice President of Sales, CiscoHome

“Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler and her course have consistently received the highest ratings across the board. She is highly engaging and her work is transformative. She is a gem at Columbia, not to be missed.”

– Dr. Peter T. Coleman, Professor of Psychology and Education, Executive Director, Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, Columbia University

The candle in the dark for me has been Pervis Taylor. He is a source of light for guided, perplexed souls seeking answers. He has old school values and is extremely adept at helping slay the inner demons one tries to conquer while navigating modern society.”

– Lisa Nicole Carson, Actress, Ally McBeal, ER, Love Jones